Alternating Current


5 hours

  Course Prerequisites:
DC Principles (Block A21)
Basic Industrial Math (Block X21)

  What Students Learn:
  • Draw a graph of an AC voltage and describe how AC voltage is created.
  • Explain AC cycle terms: "alternation," "peak," "positive," and "negative."
  • Define the time period of an AC voltage as expressed in degrees.
  • List the characteristic values of an AC cycle and describe the relationship between the values.
  • Define phase angle and describe how it relates to reactive circuits.
  • Calculate power for single-phase and three-phase circuits.
  • Describe how a 220 VAC single-phase circuit operates.
  • Illustrate the phase relationship of three-phase wave forms.
  • Determine real power by reading a power factor meter.
  • Describe delta and wye three-phase circuit connections.



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