Working Safely with Chemicals


5 hours

  What Students Learn:
This study unit deals with the safe use of chemicals in the workplace. The two primary causes of chemical accidents are the misuse of chemicals and the improper disposal of chemical wastes. Understanding the hazards that chemicals can create is the first step in protecting people from harm.
The main goal of this study unit is to provide students with sound, practical knowledge about chemical use and disposal, both in the workplace and at home. You will learn how to recognize common chemical hazards and how to deal with them. Trainees will learn how to perform a job analysis to look for potential chemical dangers in your daily taks. Finally, people will learn how to take precautions to avoid chemical accidents and make all jobs as safe as possible.

When a student completes this study unit, he and she will be able to:
  • Recognize the six different ways in which a chemical can cause physical injury.
  • Name the routes or paths of entry by which chemicals can enter the body.
  • Describe the types of injuries caused by chemicals.
  • Identify potential chemical dangers in your workplace.
  • Describe how to identify, store and label hazardous chemicals.
  • List several methods used to prevent chemical accidents.
  • Explain why proper training is important to chemical handling.
  • Describe the types of personal protective equipment used and worn when handling chemicals.
  • Explain the role of governmental agencies in enforcing chemical regulations.

    Introduction: Living with Chemicals; Chemical Injuries; Accident Prevention; Handling Hazardous Wastes.



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