Common Hand Tools, Part 2


5 hours

  Course Prerequisites:
Trades Safety: Getting Started (186001)
Basic Industrial Math (Block X21)
Practical Measurements (Block X22)

  What Students Learn:
In this study unit, we'll continue the discussion of hand tools commonly used by technicians. While a broad range of technicians use many of the tools discussed here, such as chisels and punches, many others are more specialized and are commonly used by maintenance and machine trades technicians.

Students will learn how to choose the correct chisel or punch for the job, how to care for it, and use it safely.

Next, you'll learn about the variety of different cutting tools such as snips, knives, and hacksaws. Another important group of tools is shaping tools, such as files. Students will learn the different types of files, and again, how to care for them, and use them safely.

Also discussed in this unit are various specialized maintenance tools. These are tools used for specific types of maintenance jobs such as pulling or prying objects from machines, safely inspecting machines, and retrieving objects in areas that aren't easily accessible to the technician.

When a student completes this study unit, he and she will be able to:
  • Identify and use various chisels and punches safely.
  • Use and care for cutting tools.
  • Understand the need for specialized maintenance tools.
  • Correctly use threading and other precision tools.

    Struck Tools; Cutting Tools; Sheet Metal Tools; Shaping Hand Tools; Hand Tools for Threading and other Precision Work; Specialized Maintenance Hand Tools.



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