Tool Grinding and Sharpening


5 hours

  Course Prerequisites:
Trades Safety: Getting Started (186001)
Basic Industrial Math (Block X21)
Practical Measurements (Block X22)

  What Students Learn:
Trades people must keep their hand tools in good working condition. They must follow a regular maintenance schedule for servicing them. Tools with cutting edges must have the edges sharpened. Other tools must be trued and shaped for their special uses. Screwdrivers, chisels, punches, snips, and twist drills are shaped or sharpened on a grinding machine.

When a student completes this study unit, he and she will be able to:
  • Use a grinding machine, following all safety procedures.
  • Hone or whet tools with an oilstone.
  • Explain the procedures for grinding metal stock.
  • Compare the methods used in grinding screwdrivers, snips, chisels, plane irons, and twist drills.

    Tool Sharpening Equipment; Grinding and Sharpening Procedures.



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