Woodworking Hand Tools


5 hours

  Course Prerequisites:
Trades Safety: Getting Started (186001)
Basic Industrial Math (Block X21)
Practical Measurements (Block X22)

  What Students Learn:
A person who does not really know the workings of industry might think that hand tools are not used that much any more. That is not so; in a maintenance job, trades people will use hand tools to do many different tasks. Hand tools are necessary for superior craftsmanship, and ideal for many maintenance operations. With hand tools, you supply the power and guide the tool.

This study unit focuses on the basic hand tools used when working with wood. Which woodworking hand tool you use will depend on the work you are doing. Often the same job can be done equally well with different tools.

When a student completes this study unit, he and she will be able to:
  • Distinguish between the types of hand saws and use them correctly.
  • Bore and drill holes in wood.
  • Explain the differences between planes and use planes effectively.
  • Use abrasive tools correctly.

    Layout Tools, Saws, and Hammers; Wood Boring and Removal Tools.



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