Routers, Power Planers, and Sanders


5 hours

  Course Prerequisites:
Trades Safety: Getting Started (186001)
Basic Industrial Math (Block X21)
Practical Measurements (Block X22)

  What Students Learn:
The correct use of routers, power planers, and sanders will be important to trades people in your maintenance job. You will cut contours and irregular shapes on both edges and surfaces with the portable router; or you will plane doors, lumber, and assembled work accurately with the portable power planer. Trades people will also finish wood, metal, and plastic, and prepare surfaces for painting with power sanders.

When a student completes this study unit, he and she will be able to:
  • Operate (with practice) the portable router.
  • Outline the procedures for using a portable power planer.
  • Recognize by sight the common stationary power sanders and compare their operation.
  • Choose the right portable sander for a given job, and operate (with practice) the portable belt sander.

    Routers; The Portable Power Planner; Power Sanders and Sanding Operations.



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