Arc Welding Equipment, Part 3


10 hours

  Course Prerequisites:
Fundamentals of Welding, Part 1 (286025)
Fundamentals of Welding, Part 2 (286066)
Electricity (4210A-C)

  What Students Learn:
Requirements for Mechanized, Semiautomatic, and Automatic Welding; Submerged-Arc Welding; Robotic and Adaptive Control; Electroslag Welding; Tubular Filler Metals; Gas Tungsten-Arc Welding; Gas Metal-Arc Welding; Spot-Welding Equipment; Electron-Beam, Plasma-Arc, Flux Cored Arc, and Laser Beam Welding, Equipment and Processes.

  Special Notes:
  • This updated course replaces 6274C.
  • The entire course consists of study units 286032, 286033, and 286053.



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