Preventive Maintenance


5 hours

  Course Prerequisites:
Trades Safety: Getting Started (186001)
Basic Industrial Math (Block X21)
Practical Measurements (Block X22)

  What Students Learn:
The purpose of a preventive maintenance program is to locate possible machine or equipment faults before the machine fails.

When a student completes this study unit, he and she will be able to:
  • Describe the function of inspection and scheduled maintenance as the basis of preventive maintenance.
  • Explain why preventive maintenance is performed and how it's scheduled.
  • Identify those within industry who should be part of preventive maintenance planning and execution.
  • Discuss the causes, effects, and goals of a successful preventive maintenance program.
  • Explain how a computerized preventive maintenance program can be developed and implemented.

    Introduction To Preventive Maintenance; Why Perform Preventive Maintenance?; Scheduling Preventive Maintenance; PM Program Personnel; PM Program Goals; Computerized PM Programs.



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