Geometrical Drawing


110 hours

  What Students Learn:
Geometrical Terms; Lines, Angles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Circles, Ellipse, and Parabola, Solids; Drawing Equipment: Paper, Drawing Board, T-Square, Triangles, Scales, Compasses, Dividers, Protractor, Irregular Curve and Drafting Machine; Ruling; Straight Lines; Care of Drawing Instruments; Protecting Drawings; Erasing; Styles of Lettering; Relative Widths and Spacing of Letters; Vertical Single-Stroke Lettering; Inclined Single-Stroke Lettering; Five Drawing Plates Consisting of 26 Problems.

  Special Notes:
Covers subject at an advanced, in-depth level.
Includes 5 plates, and requires drafting kit.



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