Sheet Metal Drafting


95 hours

  Course Prerequisites:
Elementary Mechanical Drawing (5434)
Practical Geometry and Trigonometry (5567)
Practical Measurements (Block X22)

  What Students Learn:
PART 1 (5551A). Sheet Metal Products and Occupations; Methods, Shortcuts, and Layout Tools; Sheet Metals and Fastenings; Gages and Bending Allowances; Seams, Locks, and Edges; Shop Machines and Practices; Corner Notching; Polyvinyl Chloride Vinyl; Metal Laminates.
PART 2 (5551B). Straight Ducts; Transitions; "S" Offsets, Elbows; Four Drawing Plates; 451, Four-Piece Transition Offset; 452, Four-Piece "S" type Offset; 453, Square Throat Duct Elbow; 454, Radius, Throat Duct Elbow.

  Special Notes:
Includes 5 plates.



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