Gas Welding Equipment


20 hours

  Course Prerequisites:
Fundamentals of Welding, Part 1 (286025)
Fundamentals of Welding, Part 2 (286066)

  What Students Learn:
PART 1 (6272A). Source of Heat for Gas Welding; Gases Used in Welding: Oxygen, Acetylene, Hydrogen, Other Fuel Gases; Oxyacetylene-Welding Equipment; Regulators; Hoses and Hose Fittings; Check Valves; Welding Torches; Accessory Equipment.
PART 2 (6272B). Setting Up a Welding Outfit; Taking Down the Welding Outfit; Backfires and Flashbacks; Centralized Distribution of Oxygen; Centralized Fuel - Gas Distribution; Miscellaneous Welding Equipment.



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