Working Safely with Electricity
Produced by Delmar Thomson Learning


1.12 hours

  What Students Learn:
Electricity is unforgiving! It is important that every student, trainee and mechanic know the dangers and precautions before they step onto the shop floor. This most important program contains the vital information employees working with electricity should know before they get started. Dramatic interviews with survivors of electrical accidents, combined with a crisp pace and vivid images, will keep students glued to their seats.

  Special Notes:
This video series is available in a Spanish version.

The Shock Emergency (VB0602)
Emergency Response (VB0604)
Electricity Can Kill (VB0601)
The Importance of Grounding (VB0603)



The Shock Emergency


  • Explain the danger of such common practices as locating hot wire by touch and engaging in horseplay in the work area.
  • Describe appropriate dress for working with electricity.
  • Emphasize importance of maintaining a safe environment.
  • Examine generation and transmission of electrical energy.


    Emergency Response


  • Describe how to respond when someone receives an electrical shock.
  • Emphasize importance of medical examination even if an electrical injury seems minor.
  • Show hazards created by a fire emergency.
  • Examine different types of fire extinguishers and how each should be used.


    Electricity Can Kill


  • Describe what happens when current flows through the body.
  • Explain disruption of body's internal electrical system.
  • Review fundamental principles of electricity.
  • Show physical symptoms associated with electric shock.


    The Importance of Grounding


  • Describe what grounding is.
  • Explain why proper grounding is a vital safety feature.
  • Examine color-code system of identifying electrical wires.
  • Describe ground fault circuit interrupters.
  • Demonstrate use of multimeter and solenoid-type tester.
  • Introduce the Lockout/Tagout procedures.


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