Basic Air Conditioning
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1.48 hours

  What Students Learn:
First year students and trainees will get off to the right start with this easy-to-follow yet complete program on the basics of air conditioning systems. Colorful graphics, along with real equipment and components, help students to quickly grasp the unique concepts associated with air conditioning operations. This program is truly a core program that explains residential or commercial air conditioning systems.

Introduction to Fundamentals (VB2501)
Cooling Equipment Operation (VB2502)
Electrical Controls (VB2503)
Troubleshooting (VB2504)



Introduction to Fundamentals


  • Contrast two basic unit types: self-contained and remote.
  • Delineate window, through-the-wall, and cabinet units.
  • Define temperature measurement: Fahrenheit, centigrade, and British thermal unit.
  • Explain pressure measurement, heat transfer, and types of heat.
  • Explore relationship between heat and pressure.


    Cooling Equipment Operation


  • Examine compressor, hermetic, semi-hermetic, evaporator, drain systems, condenser, receiver, expansion value, and capillary tube.
  • Show interaction between them.
  • Contrast different types.
  • Describe system flow operation.


    Electrical Controls


  • Present starting compressor.
  • Explore fan controls.
  • Describe line voltage.
  • Examine pressure and thermostatic controls.




  • Describe refrigerant leak detection and repair.
  • State the causes for poor distribution.
  • Explain low charge.
  • Present common compressor problems.


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